If you have an Agricultural degree or have worked in a farming environment and are looking to broaden your horizons – this program is for you!

Ready for a change of pace?  Agri Oz is the way to go!  This is a wonderful way to spend up to one year in Australia, working and travelling through the Australian outbacks of this beautiful country. This programme will offer you the wondeful opportunity to earn good money while gaining valuable life and work experience.

Program  Overview

Agri Oz, is a fantastic program comprising of a few days arrival welcome reception/orientation, followed by a week of training in Australian agricultural techniques at a local host farm and then guaranteed work placements in the agricultural sector across Australia for up to one year.

Together with our Australian partners Chilli Adventures provides sponsorship for a 416 Internship visa, allowing you to work on any one of the 1800+ farms around Australia and giving you access to all types of jobs within the industry.

Whether you choose to take this year as the practical part of your degree or as an impressive addition to your CV, the Agri Oz program will work for you.  Given the length of the program and the Rand vs Aussie Dollar exchange rate, the program is not inexpensive however you will will be well paid once you’re working and most of your living expenses will be covered, allowing you to save.  You’ll also get one or two travel / holiday breaks that will allow you to see different parts of the country and experience everything that Australia has to offer.

With a huge variety of work available to you, your Agricultural background is your ticket to being able to work in Australia.

Start packing – you’re heading for the adventure of a lifetime!

Program  Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for the Agri Oz Program.  You must:

  • Be aged between 18-30 years
  • Have strong English language skills
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Have no criminal record
  • Clean drivers license
  • South African passport holder
  • Be independent and self-motivated. You will be required to engage pro-actively in the application process as well as research your travel and job positions fully.  It is vital to understand that living and working in a new country will be challenging at times. It is a learning and life experience, not simply a holiday.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover your program costs and flights as well as living and accommodation costs until you receive your first stipend (See Costs)

In Addition you must be able to meet ONE OR MORE of the following criteria:

  • Have a farming or rural enterprise background.
  • Have studied a branch of Agricultural Science or Veterinary Science at University – or have had a place to study offered.
  • Be at least half way through a degree course and have to undertake practical work experience.  This includes veterinarians and young persons who have attended agricultural high school & lived / worked on farms all their lives.
  • Be an experienced or professional horse rider, race track rider, eventer, dressage rider or show jumper
  • Be an experienced or professional shearer, cattle handler or agronomist
  • Be a diesel or agricultural mechanic or have studied engineering for rural enterprise
  • Be skilled or experienced in the wine, grape, olive or fish farming industries or have skills / experience in agricultural tourism.

Note: Your background or qualifications must be supported by written references, certificates, licences and a certified copy of your passport (details / photo page). Furthermore you must be able to drive a vehicle with a manual gearbox, hold a South African passport and be able to satisfy all requirements of the Australian Department of Immigration for the 416 Internship visa.

Season & Duration

The Agri Oz program is available throughout the year with new intakes onto the program each month.   Placement is provided on a rolling basis following the orientation period.  Internship placements typically run for six month to a year.

Why do Agri Oz?

 Reasons to head down under for an incredible twelve months!

  • Work Experience: Together with accumulating valuable work experience which will look terrific on your CV, you will be learning valuable social and life skills.  Overseas work experience says a great deal about your strong character and levels of independence and motivation.  The techniques you learn in Oz will set you in great standing Internationally.
  • Networking: Great opportunity to establish relationships & develop an international network.
  • Cultural exchange: Wonderful chance to learn about Aussie history, politics and culture (apparently they do have some!) while at the same time providing insight into your own home country.
  • Fun: Awesome way to make friends from across Oz and across the globe as well as experience the excitement of living and working in a new country.
  • Fabulous earning potential:  What a brilliant way to finance a year away and travels!
  • Gain confidence and independence: as you build valuable skills.
  • Opportunity to travel around Oz in between job placements or at the end of your stay in this beautiful country.

Possible Job Placements

Your job placement will obviously depend on your skills experience and training background.  With a general farming background you could expect any of the following:

  • Tractor & farm work: If you have been brought up on a farm and driven tractors ever since you could reach the pedals, then these are the jobs for you. They are mostly short-term jobs (from 4-10 weeks) and because of the size of Australia there is always a crop that needs to be planted or harvested somewhere; anything from cotton, to wheat, sorghum, lucerne, corn, sunflowers or haymaking.
  • Drivers: Good drivers are needed for grader work, stick raking (removing bush and scrub land to make it into grazing and crop growing country) & bulldozer work. Anyone who is a truck or tractor driver can learn these skills. Very few farms have crops only as most have cattle and / or sheep as well. Animal handling skills, the ability to ride a horse or motorbike, repair fences and use a chain saw are therefore all essential skills to have.
  • Sheep & Cattle Stations: Jobs on cattle and sheep stations in the outbacks of Australia are easily the most popular with International workers. Here you get first hand experience of mustering, working in the yards and looking after the animals, whether large or small, stud cattle or wilder ones (even buffalo).  Some of these stations are in the remotest parts of the country, and it may take two days to reach them. The stations may be 300 km from their local post office, shop or pub.The station may be more that 5,000 square miles and more than 150 km from the nearest neighbor –  Now that’s remote!!!

You will learn to be useful on horses (usually for cattle) and motorcycles (usually for sheep).  You will also be working in the yards mustering, droving, branding, tagging, injecting, fixing fences broken by storms, fallen trees or wildlife. You will help with the gardening, growing of crops and fodder and also use machinery for jobs around the station doing routine maintenance.

Arrival Orientation

A truly wonderful aspect of the Agri Oz program is the very comprehensive and structured arrival orientation process.  In your first 9 days of arrival into Australia you can expect some wonderful hospitality, time to settle in and assistance to get you going!

  • You will be met on arrival at Brisbane Airport (typically on a Thursday) and transported to a hostel in central Brisbane (accommodation is included for one night).
  • The next day, you will receive a bus ticket to Rainbow Beach for three relaxing days to recover from jet lag (hostel accommodation included for three nights).  This is your chance to hang out on the beach, learn to surf, see the sights or take a boat trip.
  • Once rested you will head by bus from Rainbow Beach to Gympie where you will be collected and taken to the Training Farm in Goomeri.
  • You will have lunch at a local restaurant and a shopping trip will be arranged in Goomeri. Buy boots, long sleeved shirts, jeans, pocket knives, mobile phones, sim cards and phone cards, torches, adapters and alarm clocks if required.
  • Assistance with all induction paper work including opening a bank account & applying for a Tax File Number will be provided.
  • Pick up your FREE t-shirt and an Aussie All-rounder broad brimmed hat (corks optional!) before being collected by your trainers for five nights on host farms learning the tips of the trade.
  • Full training will be given before heading off to your full time position and the job of your choice.  Hold onto your hats!

During your training period on the farm in Goomeri you will ride horses and agricultural motorbikes, work with cattle, drive and operate tractors and machinery, work with fencing and chain sawing amongst other things.  You willl certainly get LOTS of Information!  You won’t remember it all, but you will have five days of learning, hard work and fun.  If you know everything, great!  What you don’t know, we’ll teach you!

As part of your induction week, your skills, strengths and work requirements will be assessed and you will be asked what kind of work you want and if you have a preference for location. That information, will be added to your application and made available online to over 1800+ prospective employers.  You will receive job offers during the time you are at your host training farm and on the Saturday will leave to start work.  Thats when the holiday ends, and the hard work starts!

Once you’re working, you will earn the award wage to start with (see below).  How you progress up the financial ladder is up to you – hard work, diligence and expertise will set you apart.

How do I Apply?

To get more program information or apply, its as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Ensure you’re read through all program details.  Its vital that you understand the eligibility requirements of the program and the costs involved in terms of program fees as well as start up costs.
  2. Complete the Contact Form and agree to Program T’s & C’s
  3. Depending on the program selected, you’ll be contacted by either Chilli Adventures or one of our program partners who will give you details on availability and guide you through the application process

Note:  A great deal goes into the application process for a work and travel program; on the part of both the applicant and program administrator.  Ensure you understand the program and all requirements ahead of signing up and making application or course fee payments.

Program Costs

The program fees payable to Chilli Adventures for the Teach English program are as follows:

  • Program Fees, Orientation & Training in Australia – AUD$4315 (plus AUD$1000 refundable security deposit)

*  Note: Prices may change in line with co-operating agents and / or currency fluctuations.  Please read Program Terms & Conditions for full details.


Your Program Fees to Chilli Adventures Include:

  • Program Application Assistance: We will provide you full assistance in completing your application as well as receiving regular updates as to the status of your application as it is processed.
  • Personal Interview: In order to assess your eligibility and to address all queries as well as assist with documentation, your Chilli program coordinator will conduct a personal interview with you.
  • 416 Internship Visa and Fee Fee: We will advise on, assist with completion of, and review your Australian visa application as well as assist you with all supporting documentation needed to submit your visa paperwork to the Australian Department of Immigration in Australia.  The 416 Internship Visa costs AUD365 (R3585) and is included in your program fees .  *Correct at time of print.
  • Letter of Invitation: This will be provided to you in order to complete your Visa application.
  • Guaranteed Job Placement: For the duration of your visa (up to 1 year), choose from a huge variety of positions at over 1800 farms across Australia. All jobs will include basic training and familiarisation.
  • Assistance With Your Travel Arrangements: Chilli will assist you with your flight booking to ensure you get the best possible air fare.
  • Arrival Orientation Service in Oz: Meet and greet at Brisbane airport with one overnight stay. Transportation to Rainbow Beach and 3 nights accommodation for recovery, sun, surf, sea and sand. Transport to the city and onward to the Training Farm.
  • Set up & Paperwork: Application for tax file numbers, medicare cards and bank accounts upon arrival in Australia.
  • Validation Service: Instruction and assistance with Visa label insertion required upon arrival.
  • Greyhound Pass:  A 500km Greyhound Pass for travel within Oz.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Support: Help and Advice throughout your stay as well as freephone number for emergencies, day or night.
  • Accommodation: Included as part of your Employment package.
  • Agricultural Training: Following Orientation you will undergo a five day Agricultural Course with all meals and accommodation included.

Additional Costs

In addition to the program fees that you pay to Chilli, you must also factor in the following additional costs:

  • Return Flight overseas – * Approx. R13,000
  • Mandatory Medical Insurance – chat to your program coordinator for a competitive quote
  • Spending Money for use upon arrival – Approx. AUD$900 (R8,800)
  • Refundable Security deposit – AUD$1000

*  Note: Prices may change in line with co-operating agents and / or currency fluctuations.  Please read Program Terms & Conditions for full details.

Expected Earnings

So its an expensive program but here’s the good news!   Typical basic minimum wage is AUD$1400 – AUD$2600 (R13,750-R25,550) per month after tax.  This depends on skills and qualifications, but is the figure you can budget on.  There is a youth wage for those under 20 (21 in Western Australia) which is about AUD$50 – AUD$80 (R490-R780) less per week.  Tractor drivers can budget on a starting wage of about AUD$3,200 (R31,400) per month.  Good workers are frequently rewarded with improved pay after their value has been proved.

Cost of Living

You must take sufficient start up funds to cover basic personal needs and entertainment as well as travel to your first employer.  Positions usually provide free or subsidised food and accommodation, so what you earn can be what you can save!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please feel free to submit them to and we will be sure to find the answers for you.