How do I Apply?

Assess your options!  There’s a range of work & travel options available.  Do your homework to figure out what you’re interested in but also what you’re ELIGIBLE for.  On the program specific pages of this site, check out the duration of a program,  eligibility requirements, and costs etc to make sure its right for you.


Once you have all the info you need and know which program you’re interested in, complete an enquiry form.  Depending on the program selected, you’ll be contacted by either Chilli Adventures or one of our program partners who will give you info on availability and guide you through the application process


Pay an application deposit.  Note: Chilli Application deposits are refunded in full if you are not accepted onto the program by us.


Attend an interview.   Your acceptance will be confirmed at your interview.



Submit additional documentation required for your program.



 Book your flight and get your visa granted.



 Complete your programs pre-departure orientation.



Start packing – you’re heading for the adventure of a lifetime!

FREE two week TESOL Theory Course for July!

If you’ve been thinking of Teaching English in Thailand but need an additional incentive then the 28th July start group is a great one to apply for.  For this group only we’ll be offering a two week online TESOL Theory … Continue reading

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