Inspire Me - USA

Gaylord Texan 2011

I firstly would like to thank Chilli Adventures for the opportunity they gave me last year (2011). It may seem easy to travel, but working with Chilli last year really made the process very easy for me which it actually … Continue reading

Winter Work in Washington

I wanted to do something independent and exciting and have a meaningful experience instead of sitting at home for another December. One of my toughest challenges was when I did not receive the hours I wanted and went over my budget … Continue reading

Winter Work & Travel: Inez Patel visits Texas!

I was looking for a new experience that would be both fun and enriching, so I decided to sign up for the Winter Work & Travel Program in Texas (USA). My biggest challenge was definitely the jet lag – took … Continue reading

Sarah Duncan shares her memories of America!

I spent both programs mostly in Minnesota, USA. For Summer Camp, I wanted to travel. I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I wanted to go back to see friends, work for the same company and experience winter so I … Continue reading

Belinda Lee Savage talks about her time at Summer Camp USA

I always wanted to do a Summer Camp or an overseas program. It was a dream of mine and it was so worth it! Chilli Adventures is an awesome company to do it with. One of my toughest challenges was … Continue reading