Meet the Chilli Team

At Chilli Adventures we believe in passion!  Passion for travel and passion for making life happen!  We each know what it means to put together the work & travel adventure of a lifetime as well as the high’s and low’s that are inevitable throughout an experience that can be as challenging and eye opening as it can be exciting and fun!

With our passion comes the support, knowledge and personal service that will ensure that your work & travel experience is as memorable and life changing as our own was! We hope to open your eyes to the opportunities out there and inspire you to take the first step to forging an exciting future!

The Chilli Crew

Kirsty ThompsonKirsty Thompson
Director & Owner
” Working and traveling uncovered a big wide world, taught me some valuable lessons and made me believe in myself and all that I could be.”  More about Kirsty…


Peter Pittendrigh
Program Co-ordinator (Thailand)
” Traveling has been one of my most valuable lessons in life. Every new experience I have had was a life lesson. I would not change those memories for anything. ”  More about Peter…


Nicola Tyler
Director – Strategy & Finance
” I can’t even begin to explain what travel can do for you.  Don’t make it a maybe – make it a must!  Get a passport and GO! ”  More about Nicola…



Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.04.58 PMJuliana Jonsson
Program Coordinator Intern – From Germany
“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” (Richard Branson)  More about Juliana…


Chillis Fab Intern - AlexAlex Moller
Intern – From Germany (currently globe trotting but will always be part of the Chilli team)
“I love travelling, meeting new people and to challenge myself. Travelling and working my way through many different continents” More about Alex…



Sherrilyn GuessSherrilyn Guess
Travel Specialist
“I am passionate about travelling and love visiting new countries and exploring unknown cities and cultures.  I never studied after school and opted for the “University of Life” instead…” More about Sherrilyn…




FREE two week TESOL Theory Course for July!

If you’ve been thinking of Teaching English in Thailand but need an additional incentive then the 28th July start group is a great one to apply for.  For this group only we’ll be offering a two week online TESOL Theory … Continue reading

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