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The Chilli Academy provides a range of modular life based courses to support young people in bridging the gap between study and the world of work.  In an increasingly competitive employment environment, simply being a degree holder if not sufficient to ensuring employment success.  Thinking skills, problem solving, teamwork, organizational skills, decision making, as well as budgeting and finance are core abilities that overlooked in the regular academic curriculum.  The Chilli Acadamy aims to provide a pathway to acquiring these skills either through stand alone courses or in conjunction with work, travel, teach, volunteer or internship programs.  We support candidates with everything from CV writing and interview stills to career guidance and employment applications and are proud to be the exclusive provider of Official Edward de Bono thinking skills programs to the youth market.

The Ultimate Gap (TUG)

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The Ultimate Gap Experience is a combined program involving Chilli Adventures and Chilli Academy.  Working with a Career Coach you will be guided through a custom built program that develops the skills and tools that you specifically need to take you to the next level.  The following model outlines how The Ultimate Gap process works.


Official Edward de Bono Training Programs

Six Thinking Hats (2 days)

This hallmark training program assists with team work, creative thinking, conflict management and decision making.  A fantastic toolkit for making team decisions and improving interpersonal skills, this 2-day workshop not only presents the de Bono content in a fun and informative way, but also uses the tools to assist the participants in making important career decision.  The Six Hats can also assist with planning and writing assignments as it helps participants structure thinking in BOTH a logical and creative way.

Lateral Thinking (2 days)

The ability to think creatively and be both nimble and adaptable in the world of work has become an increasingly important skill.  As employers increasingly see the need for innovation to remain competitive, this program equips graduates and school leavers with tools to be able to contribute valuable ideas in a work context.  This course guarantees that you will be one step ahead of your peers, and will also provide tremendous value in terms of your studies.

Power of Perception (2 days)

Based on the world renowned CoRT thinking skills, the most widely used curriculum for the direct teaching of thinking as a skill, this 2-day program is the ultimate decision making toolkit.  This program promises to have a massive impact on logical and rational decision making, will help structure thinking in a way that both supports individual and team decision making. An absolute must in the toolkit of any graduate or school leaver entering the world of work.



Work Readiness Training Programs

Interviewing & Job Application Skills (2 days)

Nervous about that first interview?  Not sure if your CV is stacking up.  This 2-day program is a work readiness toolkit.  We will teach you all the verbal, non-verbal and written skills you need to secure the job of your dreams.  Listening skills, questioning skills, writing skills, document lay out.  We ask participants to rock up ‘ready for work’ and through role plays, feedback and hands on preparation of your CV you leave ready to walk with confidence into the new world of work.

Entrepreneurial & Business Skills Training (2 days)

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, run their own business and feel the great taste of financial success.  This program provides the ‘nuts and bolts’ of understanding business success.  In a hands on and practical approval to learning participants will be taken through a game based simulation that will take them beyond the realm of a game of Monopoly and very firmly position them in the world of entrepreneurship and business skills.  Fun and high impact, participants will learn skills, tools and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Conflict Management (2 days)

Can you really manage and control conflict, or just find a better way to deal with it?  Even by the age of 18, most of us have already developed a style of managing conflict that carries with us for years to come.  This 1-day program will not only assess your conflict resolution style, but will give you a combination of tools and frameworks for managing conflict, as well as the assertiveness skills for being able to handle conflict when it, inevitably arises, in your own life.

Presentation Skills (2 days)

Often cited as a fear greater than death, your ability to stand up and speak in public is guaranteed to ensure you stand head and shoulders above the crowd.  Professional speaking is a skill, and one that can be learned and developed.  Holding an audience’s attention can be one of the most compelling leaderships skills, and with this confidence building tool under your belt, and lots of practice, you will earn the respect of peers, colleagues and managers alike. Get ready to see yourself in action and prepare yourself for fun filled 2-day presentation skills adventure.


Administration Details


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All fees quoted are INCLUSIVE of VAT.  The following table summarizes the training fees for each program. The course fees include the training, handouts and materials and refreshments for the duration of the training.   All participants on de Bono courses will receive an Official published training manual.


Some of these training programs require that you complete an assignment.  This is adjudicated by the course trainer and constructive feedback is provided on an individual level – either via skype, telephone or a personally written e-mail.  Assignments are always based on your personal needs and requirements and may take up to 2 hours to complete.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of each course you will receive a personalized Chilli Academy “Certificate of Completion”.  Official de Bono Thinking Systems certificates are also provided for

Certified Trainers

The de Bono Thinking Skills courses can only be presented by Certified de Bono Trainers.  Chilli Academy is fortunate to have access to some of South Africa’s top certified trainers, through a direct relationship with the local Distributor, Business Results Group (  All additional Chilli Academy are delivered by highly competent trainers with a proven track record in their field.


Course Booking | Enrolment Process

Step 1 : Call Us – 0861 244 555

To start your development process take a look at the programs on offer give us a call.  One of our program co-ordinators will talk you through the course and make sure that it is right for you.

Step 2 : Enrolment Form

We will forward you an enrolment form which is completed and returned to us.  We will then send you and invoice and confirmation letter, confirming your acceptance on the training program.  As these programs are ONLY available to school leavers, graduates and post graduates under the Age of 25 we will require your ID number

Step 3 : Pay Your Fees

Your fees are paid directly to Chilli Academy.  Bank details will be provided on your invoice.  Please use your full name as a reference for the payment.

Step 4 : Attend the Training

You then get to attend the training.  Each training day runs from 09:00 until 16:00 with a break at 10:30 and 14:45, and lunch at 12:45 for 45 minutes.  It is important to arrive promptly as training will not be held up for late arrivals.  Full attendance is compulsory for your to receive a certificate.  Please bring your ID to the training so that we can verify your details at the event.

Step 5 : Feedback & Review

As part of your training fee you will be given personal feedback on assignment work, should that form part of your training.  You will also be able to have a one-on-one feedback session with your program co-ordinator to see ….where to from here!

Terms and Conditions – Please read…

Cancellations & Substitutions – Cancellations, in writing, are permitted up to 10 working days prior to commencement of the course.  After that time all cancellations are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  Substitutions can be made at any time.

Payment – The full fee is payable in advance of the course.  Non-payment of fees may result in non-attendance.  A place on each program is ONLY secured on receipt of payments.  Until such time your application will be treated as provisional.

Class Sizes – To ensure that each class receives individual attention each class is restricted to 20 participants.

Date Changes – Chilli Academy reserves the right to change the date of any program based on limited attedance and/or the non available of a suitable trainer due to any unforeseen circumstance.


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