This is not education – its business!

This may be exactly what you need…

Are you an unemployed graduate or school leaver or are you set to leave education in the coming months and worried what the next step should be?


Currently there are +/- 600,000 unemployed graduates in South Africa*.  Shocking right?  And this seems to span educational institutions, industry fields, and geography.  Whilst certainly part of the problem is a lack of jobs, there’s also a very big problem around work readiness.  The good news is that jobs DO exist.  But employers and HR managers alike, lament about young employees who lack the life skills required to succeed, let alone excel, in a work environment.   They complain that young people often come with a good educational grounding but with few of the competencies that are so critical to professional advancement (time management, problem solving and project management etc) or those required to operate successfully with colleagues and clients (conflict resolution, team work and communication).  In many cases even the foundational skills that will open the door to an opportunity or job interview (personal branding, job search / interview skills, decision making) are lacking and hold young people back from reaching their full potential.


careersIf you think of it, finding yourself in your first job is kind of like arriving in a new country… you can usually figure out the basics, enough to get by, but you lack the inside track, the low down and the know how, to really flourish. It takes a local, someone who speaks the language, to really smooth the way and show you exactly what you should be doing, how and where!


That’s essentially the goal of the recently launched BRG Academy which offers a business focussed approach to fast tracking those critical skills.  The Academy believes that the skills required to get into a great job and excel are not ‘rocket science’ and can be acquired through a dynamic combination of accelerator workshops, coaching and professional business internships.  This is not further education – its business!   And you will learn the critical skills and build the confidence that will equip you both personally and professionally.

Why waste years in education and then fail to translate it into a fabulous career?

Want to find out more, chat to companies about possible internships, and get a taster of the accelerator skills workshops?  Come along to the Thursday breakfast session (8:00am for 8:30am 26th June) at the Chilli Adventures offices in Cape Town.   Places are Free but Limited so please RSVP with your details to

*Adcorp’s Loane Sharp, 2011





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