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Take the stress & hassle out of applying for a Visa

work-visa-application-singapore-400x270Applying for any visa can be time consuming and frustrating given the mound of paperwork that must be navigated through and the supporting documents that must be submitted, not to mention the booking of appointment and the interview process itself. It can also be enormously expensive if information is incorrectly submitted and the process needs to be repeated.

Chilli Adventures process over 800 visas annually… and have been doing so for the last 10 years.  We boast a 99% visa granted rate with consulates across South Africa. Whilst our history is in the processing of visas for Work and Travel applicants, our reputation for the smooth and efficient preparation of visa applications has lead us to extend our service and expertise to all those requiring a visa – whether that’s for holiday, business or study.

Whilst applications for most visas can be undertaken independently, the correct information, guidance and assistance is often invaluable to avoid submitting incorrect or incomplete paperwork that results in visa denials, delayed travel plans and great expense.

Which Visas can I get help with?

Chilli can assist with the visa application and interview preparation for almost any US or UK visa.  So whether you are heading to the US or UK for business, vacation, studies or work, Chilli Adventures can assist. Our experienced team of consultants can also advise on the best visa for your needs and whether you qualify for that visa.


Visa advice, assistance with application and supporting documents, and consulate appointment booking – Fee R950.

No Visa – No Fee!  Chilli operate on a ‘No Visa, No Fee’ basis.  We guarantee our knowledge and support to the point that in the highly unlikely event of your visa not being granted we will refund the fee you paid to Chilli IN FULL (*subject to no prior visa denials or contravention of immigration rules).  Chat to a Chilli consultant to find out more.

Remember – No consulate refunds the Visa Application Fee you pay to them.  So be safe rather than sorry and get your visa granted first time around with the professional crew at Chilli.  Our Visa Granted rate speaks for itself.

Additional Costs

Remember that all consulates will charge a visa processing fee.  The the USA this is currently $160.  Fees vary for the UK depending on the type of visa applied for.  * Prices subject to change in line with third party. Please read General Terms & Conditions   for full details.


Get your visa granted through Chilli Adventures and receive a FREE US Network Sim Card.

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