What motivates you to travel?

We asked the guys and girls currently doing their TESOL in Thailand what made them want to change their lives in such a drastic way? We love their sense of excitement for life and so wanted to share their thoughts…. We hope you’re as inspired as we are!

A Parents Point of View

•   The opportunity to expand my skill set while travelling and growing personally
•   I wanted to do something different that was out of my comfort zone and to help others while travelling
•   I was bored of my job and decided I wanted to do something completely different; specifically something beneficial

•   I am eager to learn more about a country and culture that is very different from mine
•   It was an opportunity to give back and help students in a different country
•   I love new experiences and challenges
•   To full fill a life long ambition
•   Needed a change from the previous work environment
•   In pursuit of further career development
•   My love of travelling, teaching and people from varying cultures

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