Why work & travel?

Sound familiar?

Whatever your reasons for considering a work & travel adventure, the value of this type of international experience is becoming increasingly evident not only to travellers themselves but also to educational institutions and employers alike.

A working adventure will certainly be as challenging at times as it is exciting – it’s not a soft option! But speak to anyone who has done it, and they’ll tell you that it changed their life! Work & travel adventures offer you infinite possibilities for fun, friendship and exploration as well as for independence, self-knowledge and for gaining new skills. You will be so much more than just a tourist.

You will have the unique opportunity to experience life in a new country, working alongside locals. What a great way to fund your travels, experience the world & build an impressive CV!

FREE two week TESOL Theory Course for July!

If you’ve been thinking of Teaching English in Thailand but need an additional incentive then the 28th July start group is a great one to apply for.  For this group only we’ll be offering a two week online TESOL Theory … Continue reading

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